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Retail / Service Storefront

Safeguard is offering merchant the leading edge technologies to suit every aspect of how merchant would run their business. Every point of sale system that Safeguard offer is fully featured, as well as the traditional countertop systems to handheld device that will allows merchant to check out customers from anywhere within their store.

Restaurant / Club

Safeguard will make it easy for merchant by providing the right restaurant payment processing solution that more than just accepting credit card. We offer variety of terminal features to help merchant manage and protect their business against possible fraudulence:
  • Server Identification
  • Open Tap Default
  • Suggested Tip
  • Tip Discount
  • Settle with Taps
  • Password Protected Manual Transaction
  • Fraud Control


The perfect point-of-sale software for any merchant or contractor who is conducting their business through mobile environment. Safeguard mobile application empower merchant to make transaction anywhere, anyplace, and anytime with a finder tap.

Ecommerce / MOTO

Internet and MOTO credit card processing required more security than any other payment processing, therefore, Safeguard ensure and deploy merchant with the essential security tools, encrypted, PCI Compliant, and SSL for secure transaction.

While AVS or CVV2 are not required when card is not present, however, if applying both of these features will benefits merchant through reducing Discount rates, reduce Interchange fees, and chargeback protection.

B2B / B2G

Business-to-Business or Business-to-Government is the special merchant account that merchant would only providing their product or service to other businesses. Safeguard has the solution and special pricing that will benefit merchant with these convenience methods of payment. The benefit is to reduced percentage rate and savings increase with the size of transactions.

Grocery / Supermarket

Safeguard understand that grocers or supermarkets merchant are trying to keep customers happy with the selections and pricing while maintaining the relation. The key factor in satisfying customers is to provide an efficient payment solution in conjunction with value added services:
  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT)
  • Gift and Loyalty Cards
  • Check Acceptance

Lodging / Hotel

Safeguard honor the importance of hotel or lodging industry streamline of check-in, check-out, pre-paid or a down payment operation process. Safeguard will ensures merchant’s guests are not just to have a good night’s sleep but to be confidence with our payment features design and integration dedicated only to hotel or lodging.