How will business go beyond today’s market place when it is constantly changing at a rapid pace to the way customers buy goods and services? Safeguard now offer the most innovative and comprehensive incentive solutions allows merchant to leverage more value from every transaction, expanding social networking space and generate awareness with customers.

Safeguard comprehensive report provides outstanding view balance data in a single or multiple day transaction, and program summary for multiple locations in one report.

Gift Cards

Quality and appropriateness of gift card designs tremendously impact sales marketing and maintaining inventory of best-selling card design can lead to additional sales.
  • Standard / Predesign Cards
  • Logo Cards
  • Icon Cards
  • Custom Cards
  • A La Carte
  • Marketing Materials
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Loyalty / Reward Cards

Benefit your customers by awarding points or credits when they shop in your store. Besides special promotions, consumers appreciate getting rewarded and earn something back from purchasing.

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    Example: Buy 2 cups of coffee, and receive 1 point on your loyalty card. Buy 20 cups of coffee, and receive 10 points /1 Free Cup of Coffe.

    Points Needed for Reward Consumer's Reward Maximum Points per day can be added
    10 1 Free Cup of Coffee Unlimited


    Example: Earn 200 Points, and get $10 credit on your loyalty card.

    Points Needed for Reward Consumer's Reward
    200 $10


    Example: Spend $50 and get 5% off
    Spend $75 and get 10% off
    Spend $125 and get 15% off

    Tier Threshold Discount Amount/Percentage
    1 $50 5%
    2 $75 10%
    3 $125 15%
E-Gift Social

This new mobile commerce offered consumers with just a few clicks from merchant’s website quickly and easily sending a small meaningful “item-level gift” (e.g., cup of coffee, sandwich, movie ticket) to a friend, family member, or a colleague.

With this convenience level of shopping, consumers have the ability to pick gifts from many of their favorite stores, select friends they wish to send gifts to, and send real gifts via email and Facebook!

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ACH Pooling

ACH Pooling enables automatic Gift Card fund transfer between separate businesses that participate in a multi-merchant Gift Card Program.