Safeguard offer the most comprehensive electronic check payment solutions tailored to meet the needs of every merchant business. It is vital for business to accept checks with more confidence and help consumers purchase goods or services with the payment option they prefer to use.

Verification, Conversion, Guarantee
Verification, Conversion,(Non)
Verification, Conversion, Guarantee
  • Eliminates the risks of accepting bad checks + fraud.
  • Instant authorization and/or automatic notification of NSF.
  • Funds are guaranteed even on NSF checks.
  • Out-of-Town and Out-of-State checks acceptable.
  • Larger check limits available
  • Reduce the risk of accepting checks.
  • Instant authorization and/or automatic notification of NSF.
  • Checks are electronically processed and funds are deposited into the bank account.
  • Merchant will not be charged back for any returned checks.
  • Acceptable Merchant Types:
    - Convenience Store
    - Quick Service Restaurant
    - Gas Station
  • No Discount Rate.
  • Average check must be $25 under and maximum check must be $50.
  • No Driver License required
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Biometric Check Cashing

Biometric Check Cashing by VALID Systems provides a fast, secure and easy way to cash checks using a customer’s fingerprint for ID validation. Add a new source of revenue and build customer loyalty with all the advantages of in-store check cashing without the traditional drawbacks.

Check 21+ Guarantee

Check 21 is referred to as Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) is the process of recording an image of a check that can be transmitted electronically in place of the paper document.

Check Guarantee provides protection that eliminates the risk of accepting bad checks. Guarantee ensures merchant receives funding, this means safer processing, faster, and merchants are able to accept all types of checks at the point of sale or via mail or drop box + electronically deposit “skip the trip to the bank.”

TeleCheck Internet Acceptance

TeleCheck Internet Acceptance service provides a secure and easy way to accept check payments over the internet. This real-time approval and payment solution can improve merchant operational efficiencies and provide stronger fraud protection, quick funding and low-cost integration. We work directly with merchant’s technology group or E-Commerce provider to ensure a seamless integration

ACH Debit

ACH Debit enables merchants to set-up authorized debits from a customer’s checking account. Debits can be scheduled for a one-time charge or for recurring billing. Using an intuitive web-based interface and PC, merchants are able to electronically deduct authorized payments from the client’s account for faster and safer processing.

Scheduling customer billing has never been easier!

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