BeautyTouch blazing performance utilizing latest in computer technology, including caller ID feature adopted to make sure merchants are on top of the appointments. With BeautyTouch intuitive and fool-proof graphical interface and touch screen will be amazed at the convenience. All features are used to setup a flexible environment and maximizing productivity coordinated with effective built-in marketing tools to boost your business’s revenues.

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Exceptional Interface - Advance Features

Caller ID Feature

When a customer calls, the system will automatically find and display the customer information on the screen so that you may make the appropriate appointments and/or changes. You won’t have to search for their information manually anymore.
Marketing and Customer Service using Emailing Feature

BeautyTouch enables merchant to easily create emails for targeted customers using the pre-designed email templates for marketing purposes. Not only that, BeautyTouch will automatically contact the customers with upcoming appointments via emails.
Biometric Capabilities

Secure employee management and keep track of employee work hours with the new fingerprint identification system. Instead of having your employee type in passwords to clock-in or clock-out, merchant can now have them just to swipe a finger into the system creating a healthier environment.
Integrated Credit Card Transaction Processing

Merchant can now process credit card transactions directly from the BeautyTouch computer systems. Transaction processing is fast and accurate giving merchant more confidence and loyalty from the customers.
Photo Taking Capabilities

Keep face-shots of your customers and employees in the system just by tapping on the preview screen. This will allow merchant for better recognition of their employees and greet customers in a more personal way. Merchant can save up to 4 photos and preferred styles for later use.

Convenient Payment Processing Methods

  • Fast and accurate credit card transactions.
  • Customers can pay by cash, credit cards, check or even gift cards and any combinations of 2 or more payment methods.
  • Mileage bonus, coupons and discount programs can be applied.
  • Check gift card balance before and after using it.

Services Details & Convenient Invoice Generation

  • One-Touch item and category input.
  • Ability to assign each service to different employee.
  • Customize discount options, time periods and applied categories.
  • View recent services received by customers.
  • Convenient price adjustment.
  • Ability to set different taxes for each category and items.
  • Input category, item, employee, memo, and more in sequence.

Secure Employee Management

  • Reports categorized in Sales, Customer, Marketing, Invoice, Employee, and Others.
  • User-friendly interface for easy report viewing.
  • One touch Commission Calculations and flexible setup.
  • Ability to specify the parameter, such as time, date, customer name, and member ID on every report to customize it to your needs.

Revolutionary Marketing & Increase Revenue

  • Marketing wizard targets only the best customers.
  • Create coupons with just a few touches.
  • Template based letter creation.
  • Create and tailored greeting cards.
  • Apply discounts using mileage.
  • Export data to Microsoft Excel and Quicken.